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Super Mario Galaxy vs Super Mario 3D World

there was no pokemon girl in the red/blue edition.. your "the evloution pokemon games charackters post" is wrong GNAAAHG

I know! Haha, I just put a Pokémon Girl in the Red/Blue Edition to match! Sorry anyway.

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MEU DEUS ADOREI O SEU TUMBLR, PARABÉNS! *----* Seu theme é muito perfeito! +Follow!

Meu Deus, alguém brasileiro! Muito obrigado pelo elogio, e primeiramente, me desculpa a demora pra te responder. Eu estive parado por um tempo (quase um ano, mas enfim) e estou voltando aos poucos, ok? Mudei o theme do meu tumblr, se quiser dar uma olhada… Haha. Obrigado mesmo!

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I know this is different from the things I usually post/reblog, but you need check it out on this tumblr. I really loved this guy’s work! And yes, 9 more please!


Wow! I can’t believe I have already made 9 different Adventure Time/Nintendo pixel crossovers. It’s be a lot of fun making these, so here is the first set of them altogether. Lets hope for 9 more!

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I do not like when people steal the gifs that I had a lot of work to make and do not put the credits. Anyway, see the original post here.

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